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25 Days in Georgia (E-Book)

Georgia is my dream country where I wish to hit it once in my life as I fell in love with the gorgeous mountainous scenery “Caucasus”. I accidentally saw the scenario picture and information through Pantip which is the website I have scrolled many many times, but that’s it. My heart was already there while my body was struggling to the limited time, work, money and buddy.

After all those times, I finally made it with the gladness I could scream for and of course I made it worth to the plane fees I have just paid….Yup! I will stay there for a month. I could die for the beautiful country with non stop roaming around. I wanna feel how it feels…I wanna taste how it tastes…and I wanna challenge myself to all the situations I could face as we are triple unfortunate buddies.

We, triple unfortunate buddies, are all in the same boat, but who cares? Whatever happens, we will have fun and scold each other…together. And I legitly pray to the mother of god that PLEASE LET THIS TRIP BE PEACEFUL AMEN.

However, I have never been in only one country this long so far, so this will be my and buddies’ first time in the same boat. I can guarantee the fun of this trip since we didn’t know anything about this country. What I knew was we will go and definitely go back home in a month lols, and it will be so many things to tell you guys here for sure. First, we actually planned to wander around three countries, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Finally, we decided to go only Georgia as we didn’t want to waste our time travel in and out. We will spend our first and last steps here in Georgia, and we cut the trip into three parts; trekking, road trip and survive. We actually looked for someone who wanted to join our adventure trip that time with the condition that if you are willing to be a survivor, we never left you.

REMEMBER! Our plane ticket is the most and only legit thing in the trip. Here they are! 11 crazy buddies were told that ESCAPE FELLAS!

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