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Amazing Trekking route in Georgia

Tobavarchkhili Lake experience in 2019

Writer : Ghost in galaxy

Are you still gonna be cool with it? The beautiful place that hard tofind located in the most gorgeous Caucasus in Georgia, the border between Asia and Europecalled "Tobavarchkhili Lake"

As I had seen this country was being talked about many years ago, I wanted to come once because I heard that the city and the natural view there are very gorgeous. And you know that trekking - aholic person always needs the forest to go, that’s why I was seeking a trekking track where is nobody but the magnificent view.

Finally, I found that track and also summoned some of my friends to join the stunning, fierce, and upright track. As I said, to prove that the sentence is just have to find a flat way which is impossible. You may have unnoticeably crossed the passes up and down many times. Definitely, the track was tough and heavy as what they said;

I had prepared myself straight for 6 days to roam a 71 kilometers, excluding the travel that I had to ride a war big truck to forest. After a long day of crossing dozens of mountains, I swear...the the feeling that I craved for the meal and bed was dreadful.

I admit that it was really worth being tired because the view is very very very very stunning that we yelled “Wow! Oh! ,” until our voice became hoarse hahaha. The light splashed down from every angle of those wide mountains, and we supposed to continuously hit the picture. We were anyway tiring crawling by the steepness as we tried to capture all the views indifferent directions.

Our camp was set in the middle of the lake where it is a basin which means that we had to run up and down the hill right there. Some people even put the camera down...just to boozed themselves by the beauty through their eyes, not the lens. Anyway, the more we got tired, the more it was gorgeous. Yeah...It couldn't help because it was us who wanted to come.

The guide secretly smirked and felt satisfied when he saw us sufferingly groaned over those mountains. Especially, when we asked him if we really have to get through there, and Of course the answer was a yes. How many times did we say OMG again? Cry over the river!For those who are looking for a new track, this track is the real man say.


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