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Xe Bang Fai , Rafting at Laos-Vietnam border

Xe Bang Fai River Cave is a cave located between the Laos-Vietnam border. Xe Bang Fai isa river in Laos flowing through Kham Muan and Suwanket sub-districts. The place isconsidered as an Unseen in central Laos, a beautiful place with a magnificent river view. Thecave is considered to be a prehistoric cave where it is hard to find as things have changed forover millions of years.

The cave is globally famous since it has been discovered andpublished by the National Geographic, an official geographic, cartographic, and exploredmagazine and TV channel.As I have been a fan of National Geography, I want to go, to see, and to be able to do as theydo.

I finally go out to see the world that is wide and to follow their footsteps. Getting to knowthe cave where is the largest and the longest river cave in the world was fun for me. Let’s gotogether, I guarantee that the trip will be fun and adventurous.


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